So Jewish college students can explore their heritage.

Easily. Deeply. Rewardingly.

JewishU offers dozens of local classes that demystify everything Jewish. From history to philosophy and everything in between, there is no more relaxed and welcoming environment to begin or enhance your Jewish education.


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All courses are presented out of your local Chabad and offer valuable JewishU credits with flexible redemption opportunities.
We know you want to learn more about yourself, your history and heritage, but we also know you’re busy. Like really busy. That’s why we created JewishU.

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Dive into engaging and relevant Jewish classes that are presented in bite-sized courses to give you the flexibility to choose when and what you want to study without the pressure of a long-term commitment.

Every one of our courses offers JewishU credits that can be used towards Jewish scholarships, charity, cash, and exciting trips. Students can also work towards a JewishU Certificate in Judaic Studies. Graduate with a comprehensive and quantifiable body of knowledge you can proudly carry for the rest of your life.

Bite Size Courses for Busy Students.

Fields of Study

Jewish Literacy

Courses designed for the beginner, covering the basics of Jewish history, identity, thought, literature, practice, calendar, and lifecycle events.

Jewish History

Courses that tell the social and religious story of the Jewish people, from its formation through modern times.

Jewish Ethics

Courses on ethical dilemmas, civil disputes, policy issues, and business and medical ethics.

Jewish Practice and Living

Courses geared toward providing the know-how for performing and understanding the purpose of central Jewish rituals.

Jewish Theology

Courses that examine various questions about the Jewish faith, enabling participants to inquire further into their own faith and their ancestral heritage.

Jewish Mysticism

Courses on kabbalah and Chasidism that inform the quest for transcendence, discipline, and a meaningful life.

Introduction to Jewish Literature

Courses on famous Jewish books, exploring their content, key ideas, history, purpose, and impact on Jewish life.

Advanced Jewish Literature

Text-based study of Jewish works, ancient and modern, for advanced students.

Biblical Studies

Courses exploring Biblical narrative, values, and exegesis.

Israel Studies

Courses that explore the long history and deep-seated connection between Jews and Israel.

Jewish Philosophy

Courses exploring the classical works of Jewish philosophy and addressing philosophical issues from a Jewish perspective.


Courses that enable personal flourishing and well-being, improving relationships, emotions, communication, and success.